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Retirement Planning
With a Heart®

Offering Compassionate Retirement Planning
From One Woman to Another

In an industry dominated by men, we believe financial planning is sometimes best handled with a woman’s touch. Our founder, Vickie Intriago, combines her 20-plus years as a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ with a passion for empowering women to bring holistic retirement strategies to the South Bay, California area.

Vickie Intriago CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER™ Torrance, CA Centaurus Financial Inc.

What Is Your Biggest Concern About Retirement?

If you’re like most women heading near or into retirement, you’re likely wondering, 

“Will I have enough?”

You’re not looking for a complicated answer that involves the latest tax laws or investment strategies. You want a simple “yes” or “no.” We don’t have anything to prove by speaking “Wall Street” to our clients - our credentials speak for themselves. Instead, we’ll have an honest conversation to help you understand your financial future’s big picture.

Our Mission:

We’re dedicated to making a difference in our clients’ lives by providing financial education, direction and planning to preserve and grow their wealth.

Learn About Our Approach to Retirement Planning

Here’s How We Help