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Here’s What You Can Expect From Us

Handling Your Personal Finances With a Personal Touch

Call us old-fashioned, but we enjoy getting to know our clients before we know their finances. And when you walk into our office, we’re happy to see both you and your family in person. You can expect our meetings to run for as long as you need, we’re not interested in rushing you. And because our founder, Vickie, is bilingual, we’re here for those who may be using English as their second language as well.

Our Financial Planning Process

Discovery Meeting Torrance, CA Centaurus Financial Inc.


We’ll get to know your personal goals and objectives, as well as how financial planning may be beneficial for you. During this meeting you will receive an outline of a general plan of action, your top five financial goals in writing and at least three actionable recommendations that will make an immediate difference in your financial life. 

Strategy & Planning Torrance, CA Centaurus Financial Inc.

Strategy & Planning

Using the information you’ve provided us along with your retirement goals, we’ll research and strategize to create a custom plan designed to fit your current wants and future needs.

Implementation Torrance, CA Centaurus Financial Inc.


We’ll present our plans and strategies to you that have been designed around your current financial standing and future objectives. When you’re comfortable, we’ll help put your plan into action.

Ongoing Review & Monitoring Torrance, CA Centaurus Financial Inc.


Implementing your financial plan is only the beginning of our working relationship. We’re committed to continuously reviewing and monitoring your plan to keep it on track as your goals shift or change. Depending on the circumstances, we’ll likely meet or speak twice a year to reevaluate and adjust your plan as needed.

What To Expect Before We Meet

In an effort to make our first time together as insightful and helpful as possible, we offer our in-depth discovery meeting at a flat-fee of $400. Before making this commitment, we’re happy to offer a brief, 15-minute call to answer your key questions and allow you to decide if we’re the right fit. Together, we can determine if this will be a good working relationship. 

Sound Like a Plan?

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